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Healix service partner van de Global Mobility Company

The Global Mobility Company got off to a good start in 2021. From 1st January 2021 we welcome Healix International as one of our preferred service partners. Last year we had already added Airinc as a preferred service partner.Healix International is ...

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Highly Skilled Migrants: Salary thresholds 2022

The new 2022 salary thresholds for foreign employees -e.g. Highly Skilled Migrants, Graduates, Blue Card holders- have been announced. These amounts are applicable for new applications or extension applications, received by the Immigration Authoritie...

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The answers to the frequently asked questions: What businesses do you work with? I have one point of contact, how does it work? Could I make use of just one service, only for moving or only for insurance? How much do you charge for your service...

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