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The Global Mobility Company is an alliance of service providers in the world of international travelling employees and expats. Each partner within our alliance provides a particular expertise. As a result they fully support you as an international entrepreneur for relocation & moving, insurance, human resources, tax and legal services. One point of contact will take care of everything for you.
Each partner of the alliance is a leading provider where solutions for international business and expats are concerned. More information on these four service providers is given below.

AGS KHZ (moving & relocation)

AGS KHZ is the largest service provider of moving & relocation in the Netherlands. They are part of the AGS group, which has 146 offices in 97 countries worldwide. A strong network is the result. More informative can be found at the website of AGS KHZ.

De Goudse (insurance company)

De Goudse is an all-round insurance company that has a strong entrepreneurial focus. It has been specialised for years in the field of travel and expat insurance. De Goudse believes in the strength of independent advice and works with a national network of independent consultants who are uniquely placed to put together the appropriate solution for you. More information can be found at the website of De Goudse.

Taxperience (tax & legal advice)

The specialists of Taxperience combine strong experience with professional support for all questions you may have on tax and legal issues related to employees who work internationally. Taxperience has offices in Rotterdam, Den Bosch, Amsterdam and Moscow. More information can be found at the website of Taxperience. 

Global Mobility Company (human resources)

Global Mobility Company (GMC) specialises in the formation and execution of international human resources policies. GMC arranges for both the strategic human resources tasks and the coordination of all services. In the past, much experience has been obtained with organisations that employ large numbers of people who move internationally. They have the helicopter view over all tasks involved and closely supervise all of them.

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