Which services does Global Mobility Company have on offer?

We take care of everything within four particular areas of international business:

  • Moving and relocation – From work permits to a new home abroad and also the move itself;
  • Insurance – From medical costs to house hold contents and travel insurance, both individual and collectively;
  • Tax & legal advice – Fiscal affairs and social security but also professional legal advice;
  • Human Resources – General conditions per contract type and remunerations policy and salary statements.

Who are your business partners?

The Global Mobility Company is proud of its know-how and professionalism. We consist of four professional companies with years of experience:

  • AGS KHZ: the largest supplier in moving and relocation services of the Netherlands. More information can be found at the website of AGS HKZ;
  • De Goudse Verzekeringen: independent insurance company, with a turnover of 570 million euro, specialist and travel and expat insurances policies for decades. More information can be found at the website of De Goudse.
  • Taxperience: professional tax and legal advice provider with offices in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Den Bosch and Moscow. More information can be found at the website of Taxperience.
  • Global Mobility Company: professional specialist in the formation and execution of international human resources policy.
Through our joint expertise we are able to offer you and your expats a broad package of services. Our employees provide the main part of our support. We also have a large network of external business relations.  

I have one point of contact, how does that work?

In the services you use from us, one point of contact works best. There is only one point of contact, with Global Mobility Nomad. This person is the point of contact both for HR services and for all our other services: moving and relocation, insurance and tax & legal advice.  

Could I make use of just one service, only for moving or only for insurance?

Yes, you may decide which services you wish to use. If your need for services is high you will probably use all four expertise areas. However, maybe you have certain know-how available within your company and therefore you do not need this service from us. Even if you make use of one of our services, we will gladly be of service to you and your expat employees.  

How much do you charge for your services?

We do not use a fixed fee structure. In our experience every business is different – even more so international business – and also the wishes of your international employees can be very different. When you request an offer, we will then indicate the price charged for the services indicated and suitable for your particular business. A customised solution for international business works best!