Relocation service & moving

Relocation Services & Moving

International relocation management services for a smooth transition

When transferring your employees to work for you abroad, the professionals of international relocation company AGS KHZ will do more than organise the move itself. We will also provide support before and after the relocation with our tailor-made relocation services. Consider for example work permits, finding a new home, an international school, language and cultural training and perhaps even furniture rent. Upon return of your employees from abroad we will make them quickly find their feet again.  

Effortless relocation for companies

Before the moving van pulls up, a number of things need to be settled. Corporate moving services by AGS KHZ relieve you and your expat employees in a number of ways by providing:

  • Visa and immigration: Support in acquiring work permits and visa;
  • Settling-in assistance: Local registration and opening a bank account;
  • Providing local professional services to provide your employees with relevant information;
  • Area orientation: Organise tours to get to know the area;
  • Moving and storage service through international network services;
  • School search and home search: Help in choosing the appropriate international school and a new home;
  • Intercultural training: To inform employees on local customs.

Services also after international relocation

The specialists of international relocations company AGS KHZ assist with moving and storage services. But their work does not stop there. Both before and after moving, they provide all kinds of related services both for your employees and his or her partner. After all, it is important that the partner also feels at home abroad; partner support is another service we offer your employee. This includes corporate relocation management services and moving and storage insurance.