Global Expat Insurance

Insurance packages for your employees

What about health insurance while living abroad? The current health insurance will probably not provide sufficient coverage and maybe the entitlement to work incapacity benefits will lapse. Our expat insurance partner De Goudse Verzekeringen provides excellent insurance packages for employees working and living abroad. The business package insurance includes liability insurance with worldwide cover, household contents insurance abroad, expat travel insurance, and expatriate medical insurance. And they are all developed with international employees in mind.  

Collective or individually, the best expat insurance packages

Every employee can take out an expat medical insurance for health care, but two or more employees can already be insured under a corporate package. This way you keep a good overview, and you will receive an attractive discount on your health insurance premiums for 4 expats or more.  

Liability, travel and household insurance, available in English

Do you have employees from abroad that relocate to work for you in the Netherlands? Their preferred language for communication is most probably English. De Goudse has a number of insurance packages available in the English language. The general policy conditions on the household contents insurance, legal assistance, personal liability, travel and accidents are a few to mention. The unique Gouda Service Package provides coverage in case of an emergency. You will have cover to return to your home country if a relative is seriously ill or passed away. The transport of the mortal remains to the home country is also covered.