Human Resources

Professional HR consulting services from remuneration policy to employment conditions

When your employee starts working for you, specific expertise and skills are needed with regards to human resources. The specialists in international human resource management of Global Mobility Company offer this particular support. Both general conditions of employment and an adequate remuneration policy may be part of this. Your Expat HR contact will also be your primary contact for our other services: moving and relocation, insurance, tax services and legal advice. A pool of expertise is readily available for international organisations.  

Human Resource services designed to match your company

All services relating to Expat HR will be designed to match the needs of your company. Some examples are:

  • The composition of the general conditions package per contract type and its execution. For instance, short-stay and long-stay expats and business travellers. What expectations do you and the employee have? What allowance do you give your employees in volume to be freighted by air or sea? What is arranged about holidays? And how often can visits to the home country be made? And what benefits are included?
  • Making contract-templates, salary statements and other documents;
  • The design of customised internal forms to communicate both with the employees and with us;
  • The development of a remuneration policy that suits the tasks of your expats.
  • Review and consultancy regarding your expat policies.

One point of contact for all your services

Your Expat HR contact will be your primary contact for all services that the Global Mobility Company has on offer. All feedback will be forwarded to this one particular person as well. Moreover, all coordinating administrative tasks for your international employees will be taken care of by this contact person.