De Goudse about the power of advice

De Goudse about the power of advice
Mario Vitale, Senior Accountmanager Expatriate Insurance by De Goudse says good insurance advice is indispensable when moving abroad. 

Your insurance policies are generally tailored to the situation in which you live in the Netherlands. If that changes, a lot will also change for your insurance. Therefore, always make an appointment with a specialized insurance adviser and let this adviser clarify what the consequences are for your:

- Social securities (National Insurance and Employee Insurance). Think of the AOW, WIA, WW. What ends? Which can be kept on? Which need an alternative solution? And what has been arranged in your new country of residence?

- Health insurance. Are you going to live and work abroad for more than 3 months? Then you cannot keep your Dutch health insurance, unless you are seconded within the EEA or to a treaty country. Then the period can be extended to 24 months with an A1 statement. Can you not continue your health insurance? Then you need health insurance. This can (and sometimes must) be arranged locally, but a (supplementary) international health insurance is often more pleasant. Be careful when choosing health insurance, the price differences are large!

-             Pension. Will you continue to be employed by your Dutch employer? Can your pension scheme continue? How is your pension arranged if you are employed by a local company? And does moving abroad affect your pension solution as an independent entrepreneur?

- Damage insurance. Can your liability insurance, legal expenses insurance, accident insurance and travel insurance continue? Or is it better to take an international variant that provides worldwide coverage? If you buy a house or if you have a car, you are often dependent on local insurers. And are you holding a home in the Netherlands? Then see what the consequences are for your building and contents cover.

It is probably clear to you: you have a lot to deal with when you move abroad. Because every situation is different, a good inventory is essential. An advisor helps you make the right choices. Therefore always seek advice. If you unexpectedly turn out not to be insured for something, the impact can be significant. In such a case, a good insurance advisor pays for itself twice over.

Finally, you can always email me if you are looking for an advisor, my email address is